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Can’t believe how much confidence I’ve got in the gym. 6 weeks ago I didn’t know what a barbell squat was and now I’m happy loading the weight and squatting. If anyone is looking for a personal trainer I would definitely recommend Nathan Rees . He has the patience of a saint and isn’t easily offended, thankfully! Give him a shout
Victoria Main
Booked a 10 block of PT with Nathan and enjoyed every minute of it. I don't use the gym much on my own as different and new machines put me off as they look scary and complicated! But now i have the confidence to try new things and even venture out of the woman's only gym. I found each session fun and Nathan made sure that we pushed ourselves so that we were able to accomplish our goals and more. I also feel i have more knowledge now on what are the best foods to eat and when, to enable you to work at your very best. thank you Nathan i am very happy with my results.
Samantha Jo Reed